Photo Shoot Prep-Guide

In order to attract interest and achieve a positive response to your advertisement, it is key we show your space in its best light. Here are a few tips to get “photo ready” before the scheduled shoot date.


  • “Photo ready” suggests no further adjustments are needed to the décor, no furniture rearrangements need be made, and anything not to be photographed has been stored away. Everything is in place, ready to be photographed.

  • Stage the property to demonstrate the function of each room. Give buyers/renters/customers a starting point to build upon when envisioning making your property their own, or using your services.

  • De-clutter the property inside and out. Small closets and garages aren’t always photographed, these areas are great to store personal belongings during the shoot, such as photographs or important papers/notes.

  • Turn off overhead fans and television/computer screens.

  • Have the window treatments open, this allows sunlight in and reveals outside views.

  • Outside, park vehicles away from the property leaving the driveway space empty and allowing for clear views from across the street and curbside.

  • In the bathrooms, open the shower curtains and drop the toilet seat lid.

  • General housekeeping and clean windows/mirrors will eliminate any other small distractions in the final set of photos.